GoDaddy Hires Aman Bhutani as New CEO From Expedia

GoDaddy Hires Aman Bhutani as New CEO From Expedia - HostNamaste
GoDaddy Hires Aman Bhutani as New CEO From Expedia – HostNamaste

Hosting provider GoDaddy, aiming its web hosting services at SMBs globally, has appointed Aman Bhutani, previously President of Brand Expedia Group, as GoDaddy‘s new CEO, effective September 4th, 2019. Current GoDaddy CEO Scott Wagner will step down for health reasons. At the same time GoDaddy had reported a net loss of $12.6 million in its 2nd quarter results, while revenue for the quarter rose by 13.1 per cent

A nine-year veteran of Expedia Group Inc., Aman Bhutani most recently served as the President of Brand Expedia Group, the largest contributor to the company’s 19% annual growth over the last five years. The Brand Expedia Group encompasses the flagship Expedia brand, Travelocity, and Orbitz, among others. “GoDaddy’s extraordinary focus on constantly innovating and improving for its entrepreneurs has built a devoted and rapidly growing customer base,” said Aman Bhutani. “I look forward to working closely with everyone at the company to seize the vast opportunities that lie ahead.”

Scott Wagner, who will step down as CEO for health reasons, commented, “It has been a great privilege to lead GoDaddy and to have grown with the company for almost eight years. The Board and I have worked to identify a tremendous successor, and lay the groundwork for a smooth transition. Aman brings a wealth of experience to GoDaddy – an extraordinary track record in growing a scaled business, deep expertise in product and engineering, and strong delivery across go-to-market. Aman is an exceptional leader, and has created strong followings in every organisation he’s led. He will fit in well with GoDaddy’s culture, while drawing upon his comprehensive skills, mindset and experience to lead the company into the future.” READ MORE HERE


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