WHMCS VS WHMPress VS WHMCS Bridge – The Ultimate Comparison

WHMCS VS WHMPress VS WHMCS Bridge - HostNamaste
WHMCS VS WHMPress VS WHMCS Bridge – HostNamaste.com
WHMCS VS WHMPress VS WHMCS Bridge - HostNamasteq
WHMCS VS WHMPress VS WHMCS Bridge – HostNamaste.com

WHMCS VS WHMPress VS WHMCS Bridge – The Ultimate Comparison – HostNamaste.com


WHMCS - HostNamaste
WHMCS – HostNamaste.com

WHMCS is the leading all-in-one client management, billing, and automation platform specially created for web-hosting providers. A one-stop solution for all hosting resellers, WHMCS makes business dealing easier and efficient. From managing clients, organising bills and answering support tickets, there is a lot you can do with WHMCS Web Hosting Billing Software and Automation Platform. The following are some of the benefits you can avail through the WHMCS:

1- Customisable and User-Friendly

People who do not have a good knowledge of WHMCS can easily use the dashboard. An option of customising the entire dashboard is also available, hence making WHMCS user-friendly.

2- Automation and Billing

Several automation and billing services can be availed including:

Invoice and Bill in several different currencies

Add all-inclusive taxing

Offer products

Create promo codes

3- Customer Support

Customers are able to raise tickets and register complaints, a huge benefit to your business that allows you to understand if your customers are satisfied or not.

WHMCS Bridge

WHMCS Bridge - HostNamaste
WHMCS Bridge – HostNamaste.com

The WHMCS Bridge is a plugin integrating the entire WHMCS billing and support software in WordPress. Not only does that allow you to design it according to your needs, it also offers a consistent and seamless user experience to all your customers. WHMCS Bridge plugin is also called iPlugins.

When you use the plugin integration, you do not have to style your WHMCS installation as the plugin possesses a theme inheritance feature. This feature further ensures that your WHMCS installation feels and looks like your WordPress site.

Additionally, WHMCS Bridge offers:

S market connect: With the full support of WHMCS market connect, you can seamlessly and quickly resell products through WHMCS (via Word Press) using the WHMCS marketplace.

WHMCS friendly URL’S support: Instead of basic URLs, you can upgrade and support WHMCS to ‘Full Friendly Rewrite’.

Pretty Permalinks: Gain support of all download and knowledge based links:

SEO Titles

Enhanced Visual Integration

Custom Templates

Single sign on

Multi lingual support from WHMCS

Resolution patch for IP address

Choosing your own WHMCS portal according to your needs



WHMPress - HostNamaste
WHMPress – HostNamaste.com

WHMCS can easily be integrated with WordPress by using the WHMPress Plugin. A freemium type of plugin, it will enable you to bridge your WHMCS to WordPress, opening doors to features like multi-lingual WHMCS support, single sign on and efficient support for WHMCS market connect.

The initial step is to log into the existing WordPress Dashboard, install WHMCS plugin and get it activated in your WordPress.  The next step is to move to plugin settings where you add your WHMCS  URL before clicking save.

When you get the WHMPress, you can get access to all primary integrations that will benefit you in web hosting. Alongside, you can get all premium WordPress plugins that provide efficient aid in creating and maintaining a hosting website.

Bottom Line

Considering the infinite amount of benefits of Web Hosting that you get with WHMCS, WHMPress can further add up to make the hosting experience even better. From designing the ideal web hosting page to modifying themes according to your requirements, both these integrations are a must for your web hosting venture.

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