Why you should choose LiteSpeed over Apache in 2024? – HostNamaste.com

Why you should choose LiteSpeed over Apache in 2024? – HostNamaste.com
Why you should choose LiteSpeed over Apache in 2024? – HostNamaste.com

Why you should choose LiteSpeed over Apache?

The entire web hosting service is offered on remote web servers. The key purpose of these servers is to store data in the form of pictures, videos, text and everything else, and broadcast this data on internet as and when the visitors browse through the piece of information. Every web server, irrespective of its location, has an assigned IP address, which is required for the identification of particular device on network. Every IP address is unique and when you browse a particular website or its page, an automatic request is sent out from website’s IP address to the IP address of server, where information is stored.

In all this sensitive activity of passing the information, processing it and then making the information available to the end user, web servers play distinctive role. Apache had been the most powerful web server known for long time, but its power has been challenged by new age technology servers, and the best in league here is LiteSpeed. There are number of reasons behind choosing LiteSpeed over Apache. Your choice of making the selection between Apache vs. LiteSpeed rests on few critical points, which are:

#1) LightSpeed Servers are easy to configure, lightning fast and within your budget. Apache Web Servers on the other hand have problems in configuration, and everyone knows the high costs involved on running the web files on them.

#2) Apache works on the obsolete process-based system, wherein, it spawns new processed every time the information is called. The result is RAM complications, which then requires the demonstrator to stop the process manually. On the contrary, this will not happen with LightSpeed process, which is makes it all the more innovative and super-fast.

#3) There are several technical benefits of placing the data on LiteSpeed server. The foremost among it is cross panel support, wherein, it works perfectly well with cPanel, Plesk etc. The server platform is also quite compatible with .htaccess. And besides, everything else, LiteSpeed Servers come with Mod Rewrite and Security compatibility.

#4) Investing your money in the LiteSpeed web server offers you the advantage of paying for only the small monthly license fee. And above all, you enjoy supersonic speed of dynamic PHP generation. LiteSpeed is three times to 9 times faster than Apache. On the contrary, Apache, does not fit anywhere near to all these specifications.

#5) LiteSpeed is a quick replacement for Apache servers. Whatever that was compatible with Apache will also go perfect and in tune with LiteSpeed servers. The transition from Apache server to LiteSpeed is easy, streamlined and follows a quick process. The transition from Apache to LiteSpeed is matter of few minutes, before everything goes really well and great. It is the enjoyment that you like to go through at all times, without feeling really whimsical. Qualities of a Good Web Host.

Web Servers are key to Web HostingA Beginner’s Guide For Shared Hosting It is a universally true statement. The entire process hanging in between the sending and receiving is only streamlined, if it is on a smart, ultra-fast and great performing server like LiteSpeed.

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