8 Top SEO Content Optimization Tools to Gain Authority in 2022 -HostNamaste

8 Top SEO Content Optimization Tools to Gain Authority - HostNamaste
8 Top SEO Content Optimization Tools to Gain Authority – HostNamaste

Search engine optimization is one hell of a job, and you should know that if one is not an expert in this regard, then there is no point in running a website. You should know that content or search engine optimization is one of the hardest parts of this business if you want to stay up in the competition. Now we want you to know that the ranking and seo factors by Google and other search engines keep on changing from time to time and if you want to maintain or reach a higher position, then it is important that you are hooked with the modern technology and tools to help you out.

In this resource, we are going to introduce you to the best eight search engine optimization tools that you can find on the web without any complications. Now the reason that we want you to know about the tools is just that there is a lot of junk on the web today and finding quality and reliable tools is not that easy as it looks like. All of the tools discussed below will help you improve on-page as well as off-page seo and will help you gain authority in 2020!

8 SEO Tools to Gain Authority in 2022

Here are the tools that you should always have in your pocket if you want to get to the higher ranks.

Google Search Console

A very popular tool by google, the search console is one of the eldest and yet trendiest tools that you can find on the internet. This online tool is a set of services that you get by the search engine, which helps you understand the requirements and the metrics on your website. This online service can provide you with a wide range of seo related tools that can help you cover various seo aspects for content and search engine optimization.

Buzz Stream

This is another affordable seo tool that you can find on the web today if you are interested in a more professional approach. You should know that this service also consists of a set of tools that can help you in searching domains for a website, email marketing, link building, project management and many more aspects related to optimization. This seo tool helps you collect data from your site and can help you a lot in staying in the competition with other websites and pages.


In search engine optimization the quality of the content matters a lot, and if you are not focusing on it, then there is no way that you can get on the top of the search engine. If you are not a professional writer, then it is not a problem because Grammarly over here is a tool that can help you publish very unique and high-quality content. You can use this online tool for free.

Plagiarism Checker – SearchEngineReports

As we already mentioned above the quality of the content is important for seo. Google ranks a website or page based on it having unique content, and so you must use a plagiarism checker that can scan your work and can also help you remove all types of duplication. There is a huge lot of plagiarism checker services on the web, but the plagiarism tool by SearchEngineReports is one of the top-notch online tool. This plagiarism checker is not only free and reliable but also this online plagiarism detector can be used by anyone without any prior skills!

Keyword Finder and Position Checker – SmallSEOTools

Now you should know that a keyword finder tool is a very important seo tool that one should have in his pocket. If you want to reach a higher rank, then you can easily do so with the right keywords in your content. Content with no keywords has no value in the eyes of the search engine, so you can use this tool to get the most relative content for your site!

The keyword position checkers or keyword rank checker tools are the ones that can help you in the simple checking of the position of a keyword for the search engine and location, using the top-ranked keywords can help you boost your performance!

Image Finder – Duplichecker

In SEO, you have to focus on not only the demands of the search engine but have to also look for the trends and expectations of the users. People today prefer content having images in it rather than the one with only text. The image finder tools can help you find images that are relative to your content and are also unique!

Backlink Maker – SmallSEOTools

Backlinks are an important part of seo. If you are not using link building techniques then you should know that it can take you years to get to the top shelves, you cannot stay in the competition if you are not linking with fellow sites and pages. You can use this online Seo Tools to get the best backlinks for your website that are both relative and high in authority!

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