A Beginner’s Guide For Reseller Hosting – Become a Reseller Provider in 2024

A Beginner’s Guide For Reseller Hosting - HostNamaste.com
A Beginner’s Guide For Reseller Hosting – HostNamaste.com

Various companies today enjoy the benefit of choosing to host their website with a reseller. The other companies are not necessarily satisfied with their experience, because they do not know the details regarding it. In order to make the best out of, you must pick out each and every detail, and see if it fits your needs and requirements or not.

Features of Reseller Hosting

Majorly, the hosts charge the reseller on the basis of clients. The more number of clients there are, the most the reseller will have pay. If a new client is added to the list, the reseller needs to pay the host some specific amount of money. However, you also have the freedom to choose from various different packages. Various host companies also provides Offers Web Hosting Forum and plans to better suit the needs of the clients, each containing different combination of features. Some of the basic features that you will keep seeing in such packages are as follows:

  • You can start different accounts based on your needs and requirements
  • The parent hosting company gives you the privilege to brand your own company, and make this invisible to the clients.
  • Avail the full bandwidth
  • Host the Domain at your leisure
  • A specific amount of disc space
  • Same features can be provided to your clients, which the parent company offers to its clients, such as control panel, emails, monitoring tools, additional scripts etc.

A Combined Package for More Benefits

A number of companies as well as service providers are now dependent on internet to offer their services. These companies require web hosting plan in order to run their website. Either you can choose a web hosting plans according to your requirements, or deal with a firm, which already has web hosting plans included in their packages.

A plethora of companies offer services, such as data base programmers, web copywriters, graphic designers, internet marketing etc. These companies may also often provide web hosting as a part of reseller hosting. A company associates with all such web services usually buy web space in bulk, and they try to utilize it. So, by getting a reseller hosting plan, you often end up getting the best deal out of such packages.

Take Precaution before Choosing

Though web reseller hosting packages are great, and can offer you a lot of benefits at a budget price, sometimes you may just not encounter honest resellers. Some resellers are not loyal and honest with their services, so you must take extra care while choosing companies. These type of resellers do not provide you any after sales support, in case you need any. These type of companies wait for their host companies to respond, which can take some delay in action. In cases of website shutdown, this can turn into heavy losses, as the uptime is incredibly reduced. This not only damages your profits, but also damages your credibility. Therefore, it is necessary that you are choosing a good reseller company, with a good market presence and reputation.

Some resellers either offer you less amount of features, or increase the overall charge levied on your for extra basic features. In such cases, you may save more money by opting for the parent company rather than the reseller host. At instances, you may not be totally satisfied with the way your reseller host controls the website. By dealing with them, you might not be able to control your website, access information or move the website according to your own way, as the control is with the reseller host. Though this is not a recurring and frequent occurrence, you still need to take precautions. In case you encounter any difficulties, while dealing with the reseller host, or you find any problem in your website experience, you must directly contact the parent company.

Starting Reseller Hosting Services

Various people wish to not only wish to opt for reseller packages, but also start providing it. This way you can add another service to your catalogue, and allow your user a good experience. If you are one of these, you need to be aware of several things. You need to know how the process takes place, and where should you start. In order to do so, you need to go through a systematic manner and follow some easy steps, which are as follows:

  • A good amount of research is needed about web hosting companies, and whom offer Reseller Hosting feature and can provide good options for the customers.
  • Make a list of the number of possible clients, which will come after you start the new company. Based on this list, you can then select the package you can choose.
  • You need to put a differentiation between the different types and sizes of packages, which you will further offer to the clients.
  • You need to fix the price, or value it according to your customer interests. You might also put a suitable add-on price to it, if you only wish to offer it in a value-added service way.
  • Sign contract with a web hosting service, which is reliable and can cater to your and your client’s need perfectly.
  • Get the appropriate instructions and information from the parent company in order to effectively set your packages.
  • After completing all about the reseller package and setting it up, set up your own marketing campaigns and start adding new customers to your list.


Once you have done this, you must take care of the after-sale service, which your clients will expect from you. You need to maintain a healthy communication between your clients and the parent company, so in scenarios of any down time or problems, you can effectively provide the solutions to your clients. Quick responses are mandatory, if you wish to maintain credibility. Only by providing efficient and effective service will you be able to rise up to the top, and sell your services at a faster rate.

On the flip side, if you wish to avail great reseller packages, you must visit our Reseller Hosting Plans, and look into their various web hosting packages.

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