Top 5 Web Hosting Services In The Market Right Now – HostNamaste

Top 5 Web Hosting Services In The Market Right Now – HostNamaste
Top 5 Web Hosting Services In The Market Right Now – HostNamaste

It is essential to ensure that, as people from tech, we’re using the right web hosting services. We might land ourselves a service we don’t need only to realize we should have done our research! Nonetheless, do you know what a web hosting service is?

This is where new information enlightens us. A web hosting service is essentially a type of service that makes your content accessible to the world wide web. In layman’s terms, when you buy a hosting plan, you primarily pay to receive space on the server, which you then use to store your website’s data.

Web hosts require a hosting technology that can securely operate your website. This technology maintains your server’s presence and avidly works toward transferring data from your storage to a physical browser.  

There are many web hosting services you can opt for to make your website more accessible and user-friendly, per se. However, how can you know which one is it that you actually need? To answer that, you must first know about legitimate web hosting services.

Fortunately for you, you’ve landed at just the right place! Let’s discuss the top five web hosting services in the market. Studying them in detail will provide you with perspective and help you understand which one you need to bag.

Top 5 Web Hosting Services In The Market Right Now

1) Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a premier choice for prospective clients because it’s rather convenient. If you think about it, why is something ever the first choice for anybody? It’s because it’s almost always affordable.


Shared Hosting is an affordable option for website owners looking to place themselves on the web. It’s also user-friendly for newbies. Every hosting service is designed according to its level of intricacy and how it perceives the physical server to work.

As the name explains it, shared hosting allows many websites to host their data on one server. Memory, disk space, and CPU may be shared, and every website owner pays accordingly.

2) Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a business model. With Reseller Hosting, a web hosting provider can allow an individual or organization to sell their hosting services. With this web hosting business model, individuals or firms find themselves on the front foot as web hosting providers. They don’t need to start from scratch and build an entire system.

Reseller hosting is in the market right now because of many reasons. The first reason is obvious, cost! Reseller Hosting plans are remarkably cheap. Reseller Hosting also simplifies life because you don’t have to come with technology; you can simply purchase it and build your own web hosting service from there forward.

3) Hybrid Cloud Server Hosting

As per its definition, hybrid means a mix. In this case, Hybrid Cloud combines private and public cloud services and on-premises infrastructure. Mixing different services to form an amalgamation of one orchestrated, flexible, and settled climate is a smart choice to go for.

Using Hybrid Cloud Server Hosting, an individual or organization can run their models with a sigh of relief. Should any change in servers take place, it wouldn’t be a cause of worry because Hybrid Cloud is an amalgamation. You can move content from public to private cloud and it will not be an issue; the flow will be smooth.

4) Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is simply an internet hosting option! With this hosting service, one or more physical servers are dedicated to an individual business customer. If you choose to opt for dedicated hosting, you will have creative freedom in having an entire physical server to yourself. Now that seems like a pretty sweet deal.

The advantages of opting for Dedicated Server Hosting can lure anyone. In all fairness, if you choose this web hosting server as an individual or a company, you get complete control of how you want to run the server and manage its operating systems.

With the entire hosting server at your perusal, you can also alter it according to your needs.

5) VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is essentially a virtual operating system that lives with a parent server. With its home there, it works around via virtualization technology.

With virtual airspace, a VPS works on providing private resources to virtual servers. More than one company can work on a VPS. With VPS Hosting, you can reach out to VPS networks from anywhere in the world. You can subjectively set your bandwidth and storage. This way, you won’t be compromising on performance.

VPS Server Hosting has two types:

These are both technical terms.

OpenVZ can host Linux operating systems only. KVM, however, can host Windows, Linux, and custom OS options.

OpenVZ has one pro that is also its very con. With an OpenVZ server, you can allow sharing of all resources it allows. KVM permits you to mark a limit to your resources, as few or as many as you need. This way, you only utilize the resources that your applications require.

Host Namaste

Are you looking for reliable sources to purchase web hosting services from? But wait! Your list includes professionals, too, right? Aren’t you at the right place? At Hostnamaste, we understand exactly what you need. We’ve got the best deals for you to choose from.

HostNamaste has more than five years of excellence under its title. You don’t have to go through the trouble of signing into Youtube to see how you can set up your hosting account. We also have a 24/7 Customer Support Team at our end to help you with anything you may need at all!


It’s understandable to feel stuck when you’re researching prospects and trying to wrap your head around what the best option for you might be. We’re here to help. Trust us as professionals to ensure that we will provide you with just the right fit! Setting up a web hosting service is a smart idea, but before you get into it, you would want to know what the market is offering, but most importantly, what would sit well with your business model?

We tend to second-guess ourselves by nature. We’re here to ask you to trust your instinct and leave the worrying to us.

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