An Overview to Reseller Hosting

An Overview to Reseller Hosting - Host Namaste
An Overview to Reseller Hosting – What is Reseller Web Hosting? – Host Namaste

An Overview to Reseller Hosting

Today, website designing and development is in high demand since almost all businesses and companies need a website. Other than that, the market is growing and flourishing in the web hosting department as well, specifically reseller hosting.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this development and opportunities by commencing their own reseller hosting ventures to either create or add to the income flow of their brand. Starting a reseller hosting company is becoming popular these days since it’s affordable and simple to manage.

Are you looking for another source of income? Or are you looking for ways to build your wealth online and wants to know what reseller hosting is and how you can leverage this opportunity? For a little help,  here’s an extensive overview to reseller hosting.

History of Reseller Hosting

If you are considering putting up a reseller hosting business, you will need to carry out a few important decisions. Keep in mind that making the best and correct choices really make the distinction between an average and excellent set up for you.

Before we walk you through about reseller hosting, let us start with the history of reseller hosting and web hosting as a whole. In the beginning, the website hosting industry offered two hosting services for the end users to leverage – the dedicated servers and shared web hosting.

As the market progresses and develops, an increasing number of people are beginning to gain interest in boosting their brand’s online presence. For that reason, more and more money is being, for the most part,  spent on website hosting services.

As a result, more and more companies and businesses delve into providing website hosting services since the appeal for such services was growing briskly. Did you know that some of the popular hosting companies today started as a one-man team, having one server to host their own website and the sites of their clients?

Before a lot of people cannot afford to purchase a dedicated server, and that’s how low-cost solutions was born for web hosting. That affordable solution is none other than reseller hosting.

It allowed users to maximize bandwidth, space, and other key resources. Business owners and entrepreneurs taking advantage of this growing opportunity can increase the cost of the hosting service and make revenue from such business.

More often than not, a reseller hosting account is much affordable than a physical server because it can host different accounts. It has been on the market for about a decade and has been rapidly growing until the Virtual Private Server was invented.

At that moment, reseller hosting is, for the most part, sold to web developers, web design studios, and to those people who are looking to start a web hosting company.

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller hosting is an act of purchasing a considerable web hosting package from a hosting company and then selling it again to other people in smaller portions. In a reseller hosting agreement, you, for the most part, purchase a server space for a fixed amount, share the hard disk and bandwidth capacity allocated to you by the main hosting company into smaller chunks.

Additionally, you resell it under your brand’s name and rate other people according to what you believe is profitable. A lot of people think of this service as an affordable option than shared web hosting.

Even though shared web hosting services let you host many domains under one account, reseller website hosting is much different. It allows you to have the capability to create a different account for your clients for each website that you’re hosting. In a reseller web hosting plan, you can take advantage of tools that will aid you in reselling hosting space in a much more comfortable and organized manner.

Overseeing your own reseller web hosting account is, without a doubt, a trouble-free experience. You don’t need to have any knowledge of technical stuff like running DNS servers and mailing servers.

And because you do not own a physical server, the duty and burden to fix and maintain bandwidth, hardware, or any issues regarding the server are, for the most part, carried out by the website hosting company where you bought the reseller account.

For that reason, whenever your clients or even you encounter any technical problems, all you have to do is to reach out to the main host, and they’ll take care of everything for you.

How Does it Work?

Reseller hosting services are, for the most part, designed and created to allow users to provide web hosting packages to their brand’s customers, depending on the resources feasible and ready for use along with their preferred reseller hosting plan.

Majority of the reseller web hosting packages offer every tool you will need to manage and run your reseller account. As a reseller, you get to have the complete access to the Web Host Manager (WHM), a reseller control panel.

The Web Host Manager allows you to customize and personalize your personal hosting packages and offer your customers with their very own user control panel. Many hosting companies that offer reseller web hosting services give full access to a reseller host to split up the hosting plan they bought.

As a web hosting reseller, you can customize reseller hosting packages as you wish, run special offers, and set the prices. Aside from that, you also have the privilege to select a certain set of features for each custom web hosting package configuration and specify the disk space and bandwidth quotas for every hosting account.

In this way, you can undeviatingly target individuals with specific online demands since you will be providing what your customers need. As for your clients, they only need to pay you for the services they use.

Reseller Hosting Start Up Guide - HostNamaste
Reseller Hosting Start Up Guide – HostNamaste

Are you thinking of setting up a reseller web hosting business? Here’s a comprehensive startup guide that will help you build your hosting business quickly.

Select a Reseller Hosting Business Plan

First and foremost, you need to choose a reseller hosting business startup plan. To be able to discern which reseller web hosting plan will work the best for you, you should figure out what you wish to do with it.

  • Do you want to host your own sites?
  • Are you going to launch a web hosting company?
  • Do you want to find out how to program it?
  • Do you need it for testing and fun?

If you use the reseller hosting plan to host your own sites and your colleagues’ websites, then it may be easier for you to make a choice. It will be hard for you to make a choice if you wish to sell web hosting to build wealth.

Here’s the deal, when you use for non-profit matters than making some mistakes won’t be a problem. However, if you wish to sell it, then you cannot afford to make mistakes because you are not the only one who’s going to get affected.

If your goal in mind is to make a profit with web hosting, you must first establish a company. This will confine and restrict your exposure and liability. You must locate an accountant or lease an agency to do the felony work for you.

You then must prepare your plan approximately what exactly you’ll sell, who are your capability customers, find your competitors and spot what they’re doing so you can go higher than them and make customers pick you instead of them.

As soon as you’ve got the plan prepared to increase your internet site, upload privacy coverage pages, phrases of provider, carrier stage agreement.

Get a billing gadget which includes WHMCS and starts searching out a reseller hosting plan. Just go higher, get the reseller plan first and then deploy WHMCS onto it to configure it. There are several questions you need to invite your hosting organization to ensure they can give you the features you need to promote website hosting.

Privacy may be paramount right here. You don’t need your customers to apprehend you’re a reseller.

Hosting clients hate resellers. They may now not purchase from you if they find you’re reselling website hosting.

Ask your company in the event that they aid 100% non-public label (or white-labeling) which means that they ought to be the usage of an anonymous area name for the hostname in their servers, they will come up with IP addresses to sign in your personal non-public nameservers and your customers will now not see their call anywhere mentioned in the hosting manage panel.

Ensure your issuer is lively on social networks together with facebook and twitter. To be able to tell you the agency is seeking to grow and communicate with their purchaser base and potential customers.

They have to have a weblog frequently updated with precise content as a minimum once according to week. Look for information about their community, servers, customers delight rating.

If they have a Facebook web page check if their customers have left evaluations about their enjoy with the corporation.

Notice that there’ll continuously be terrible opinions however they shouldn’t be more than 10% from all evaluations posted.

Supplying live chat technical assistance may be a massive advantage for you as you will be able to contact them right away and now not look forward to your email to bespoke back to.

Check how fast they reply to tickets and live chats. Ship them emails at particular instances of the day to peer if the response time-body is distinct. Do this multiple instances for four-6 weeks to make sure the corporation is consistent with their technical aid assistance.

Don’t Purchase the Cheapest Plan

There are lots of small web hosting corporations with digital servers promoting reseller web hosting and looking to grow by using offering a meager rate. As an instance, concerning reasonably-priced a Hostgator reseller plan and Hostgator reseller setup is difficult to conquer regarding the fee.

But, when it comes to assisting and uptime, they depart lots to be desired. A GoDaddy reseller is also difficult to beat, over again, their recognition has no longer been excellent. So you really need to do your homework and make sure you have blanketed all of the technical necessities. You may come upon a Hostgator reseller overview, which is nice, however, don’t be fooled speedy and take a look at whether this is a biased opinion closer to getting commissions.

Keep in mind that you’ll not be able to keep your clients with you until you provide them with the first-class they deserve and are waiting to get.

Ultimately, you will pay less to your reseller website hosting account but your clients will now not be satisfied and might be leaving your provider.

Look for specials instead.

More prominent internet website hosting groups frequently run promotions which you may use to get a decent reseller website hosting plan at a low priced rate. It will provide you with the danger to maintain your clients satisfied and develop so one day you can improve and feature your personal servers with hundreds of customers.

Leverage a Corporate Billing System

In case you need your reseller hosting business startup to be a success, you really need to have a fantastic gadget for managing your billings. Join up for a corporate billing system approach to automate the control and guide of your clients.

It will permit you to speak with them simpler, and you may look a good deal more celebrated expert. A billing device will help you even set off the orders of your clients mechanically. You may not be 24/7 online to activate new orders, and you may not make customers wait because next time you come online to test for brand spanking new orders you may discover new orders and new tickets inquiring for money back because you not on time the activation technique.

All professional web hosting organizations set off new offerings within minutes. The maximum favorite billing machine utilized by hosting vendors these days is WHMCS.

It comes with an integrated help desk so that you have a valuable location to control your customers and you don’t want to login to more than one structures to handle all operations to your business enterprise. It lets in you to begin an associate program to your clients as well and permit them to get money through referring your services to their customers.

24/7 Technical Support

Even the most critical internet web hosting corporations don’t have 24/7 sales insurance, but technical aid help needs to be 24/7. You may not stay in this enterprise without 24/7 help.

Since you are starting slowly with a reseller website hosting plan and you don’t have an extensive price range at the moment, agency and outsource technical can help you so that on every occasion any of your customers have questions there will be a person to answer that question in much less than a half-hour.

If you may not answer in 30 minutes, you are all over again in the back of your competition, and you may not compete with them for customers.

When you get sufficient clients, you may start hiring humans to paintings immediately for you and slowly cast off the outsourced technical guide provider. As a way to come up with complete manage. The quality assist can only be supplied with the aid of your own staff. No outsourcing enterprise can assist your clients higher than you.

By no means ever misinform your customers. If you try this, you will fast get out of commercial enterprise as customers will depart.

Go above and beyond while assisting your customers and they advocate your service to their friends. You’ll get more customers, and the business will develop.

If your server occurs to move down and a purchaser complains approximately the downtime cross ahead and provide them credit. They will see you care about their commercial enterprise and you’re sharing the loss with them. They will sense you’re operating with them and not towards them and will live with you forever.

Utilize Private Nameservers

The usage of personal nameservers has heaps of benefits. First of all, it makes your appearance more professional.

Second, it permits you to, without difficulty, the transfer from one web hosting issuer to any other in case you come to be disappointed or the carrier degrades, and you need to trade the hosting company.

The personal nameservers will come up with the risk emigrate all website hosting accounts of your customers without asking them to make any modifications from their quit.

After the migration, the best aspect you would want to do is alternate the name servers’ IP’s from the ones of the vintage website hosting employer to the brand new IP’s provided with the aid of your new hosting issuer.

Non-public nameservers are the primary aspect of configuring after your reseller account is activated and you get hold of the login information. They’re registered on the domain registrar wherein you registered your area name.

As soon as the nameservers are registered you furthermore might need to add DNS a information for them within the dns sector of your domain. That may be completed from whm -> edit DNS sector. Ask your hosting provider to do it for you if you aren’t sure how to do it.

Set Up an SSL Certificate

Security is a vital part of putting up a reseller hosting enterprise or startup. In case you are going to sell web hosting, you should save the non-public information of your customers which include names, addresses, emails, credit cards to your billing gadget in your server.

Your client ought to experience safety, especially with their personal records is cozy, and no one will thieve it. That’s why you need an SSL certificate on the way to encrypt the communique among the server and the traveler. As a result, a 3rd party will not be able to sniff the site visitors to steal vital records.

It’s far satisfactory to reserve a wildcard certificate an excellent way to shield both your website and billing device in case you deploy the billing software program on a subdomain inclusive of relaxed.Yourdomain.Com.

Another option is to put in it at www.Yourdomain.Com/clients and if so you may use a less expensive certificate together with rapid SSL. If you need to look more celebrated expert even though within the eyes of your visitors get certificates. It’ll add a new bar at the browser and also show your corporation call.

Include Trust Seals To The Footer Of Your Site

Trust is crucial and vital to the achievement of a reseller web hosting commercial enterprise startup.

What makes customers agree with your website is the trust seals like BBB permitted enterprise seal, PayPal seal, McAfee, a seal of a PCI enterprise displaying which you have handed all e-commerce requirements for promoting online and that you are walking a company that’s lively and confirmed.

Upload images of yourself and your workforce members to expose your potential clients that there are live people behind your internet site who they can consider.

Why Opt for a Reseller Web Hosting Service - HostNamaste
Why Opt for a Reseller Web Hosting Service – HostNamaste

Reseller web hosting services provide you with sources which might be a lot greater than shared web hosting services. In reality, reseller website hosting bills include plenty of disk space and bandwidth, greater technical manage via the whm manage panel, an automatic billing gadget to help you bill your clients, and different greater functions you want to offer reseller internet web hosting to your clients effectively. Some of those features encompass:

  • Free internet site templates.
  • White label professional guide, meaning the number one website hosting business enterprise handles your clients’ technical help problems.
  • 24/7 FTP get right of entry to.
  • Non-public custom nameservers.
  • And extra to help you with each factor of your reseller internet website hosting provider.

Reseller web hosting also allows you to price your customers what you need for sign-up, setup, renewal, accessories, area registration, and many others. There are great revenue producing possibilities in reseller web hosting.

As an internet hosting reseller, you may set your very own income margin and generate as plenty of revenue as you want. In case you are skilled sufficient in promoting your reseller website hosting offerings, you may earn substantial sums of cash from reselling web hosting to your own customers.

Who is Reseller Web hosting Best Suited For ?

Reseller web hosting is generally used by web designers, developers, or for anyone who desires to provide website hosting services as a cost added carrier to their customers. In case you provide web layout or improvement services, you can without difficulty provide your clients a whole package deal that consists of layout and hosting. Your clients will respect the decrease price factors and convenience, and you may begin constructing a business that generates recurring monthly income.

Reseller hosting services are also suited for customers trying to host websites for others or folks who want to host many websites for themselves. Multiple area web hosting can be an expensive alternative if you have to get an individual service for every site. With the aid of choosing a reseller hosting provider, you’ll be capable of both create your own web hosting commercial enterprise or host multiple domain names from one smooth to manage vicinity.

Although reseller website hosting offerings are extra costly than shared web hosting, they provide you with the whole lot you want to provide web hosting services on your own clients, host more than one domain names beneath a single account, and earn more income with the aid of reselling web hosting offerings.


Establishing an online business is an everyone’s dream. However, your dream does not need to end here. You just need to find out what kind of service you can offer that can give you a passive income. And reseller web hosting may be the business you are looking for.

This kind of web hosting plan allows you to buy server space from your hosting provider and then resell it to your own customers. It is the ideal startup business for digital agencies, online marketers,  and entrepreneurs.

If it’s simply you, your website, and your commercial enterprise, shared website hosting will extra than suffice. If you’re making plans on going for walks multiple websites, or if you have the fate of a couple of groups to your arms as a freelancer, reseller hosting is a profitable direction to discover. Whichever path you choose, I hope it’s laden with boom and revenue opportunities — because nobody takes the time to build an online enterprise to be paid in hugs and glad thoughts, right?

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