HostNamaste is now Partnered with CloudFlare

HostNamaste is now Partnered with CloudFlare
HostNamaste is now Partnered with CloudFlare

HostNamaste is now Partnered with CloudFlare

In our commitment to provide the best quality services to our customers, HostNamaste has now partnered with CloudFlare. CloudFlare offers a wide variety of benefits to our customers, including an increasing in loading speed and the overall performance of the websites.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare can assist you in increasing the speed as well as performance of your websites. It contains services, such as Free Domain Name Server (DNS), DDoS attack protection, CDN services. It actively caches all static content of your website and delivers it in a faster way. It downloads all static pages of your site to its own servers, and the server then displays the results to your site visitors faster than before. CloudFlare CDN is able to store all you site content in a data center, spread around the world. CloudFlare has 152 such Data Centers, which can be used to contain the data. It will also automatically take content from the nearest data center, which is based on your geographical nearest location. By using this, it drastically cuts down the loading time, while the speed of the website increases exceptionally.

It also provides your website a Web Application Firewall (WAF), increasing the overall Security of your website. It fights against malware injections, spammers and DDoS attacks.

CloudFlare Advantages

  • CloudFlare is easy to setup for all
  • IP Address can be hidden, which makes provides protection from attacking hackers.
  • Only genuine users are able to access the site, so the resources are not wasted and the speed of your website improves drastically.
  • Provides protection from DDoS and Dos attacks.
  • If your site goes slow, Cloudflare will offer the cached files until your website speed gets back to normal.
  • Provides a free SSL Certification

How Can CloudFlare Allow You To Speed Up Your Website?

CloudFlare places their data centers at the most strategic geographical locations, which serve as a center to most prime areas. Once you activate CloudFlare services on your site, all traffic will begin to route through CloudFlare’s global network. When the traffic passes through CloudFlare’s data centers, an active algorithm distinguishes the dynamic and static content of your site.

The static content is cached on CloudFlare’s distributed servers for a certain amount of time. Therefore, a static part of your site is automatically saved to the nearest placed server of your visitor, which increases the overall performance of your site.

For people who have not noticed, most of your hosting account’s bandwidth is consumed while handling static contents, such as Flash files, CSS, Javascript, Images etc. When this static content is handled by CloudFlare’s caching algorithms, you will save on a huge amount of bandwidth. It will allow you to save a hefty amount of resources for your web application by decreasing the load on HostNamaste Servers, so your web applications will be able to run more efficiently.


All in all, CloudFlare users will send around 65% lesser requests to our Web Hosting Servers, and will be able to save 60% of their bandwidth space. This will in turn mean better user experience, enhances visitor engagement and overall improved page load time.

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