What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting? - HostNamaste.com
What is a Dedicated Server Hosting? – HostNamaste.com

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting? 

If it’s not your first time, you might have explored the different hosting types available around the globe. Most web users opt for shared hosting services to fit their website needs. Some people opt for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for a more secure and private hosting platform. A relatively specific set of audiences chooses dedicated servers. If you wonder what is a dedicated server, we have covered all the details you need.

Before we explore the details, let’s quickly review the formal definition of dedicated hosting servers for a better understanding.

Dedicated Servers – An Overview

Dedicated servers are high-end physical servers specifically designed for dedicated hosting clients. Generally, large enterprises and IoT entities opt for dedicated servers. These servers are ideal for hosting high-traffic websites, web-based applications, digital platforms, and other services that require a host.

Dedicate servers are among the most expensive hosting options in the global market. They deliver high-end performance and store large databases without crashing the website.

How is it Different from Other Hosting Types?

Types of Web Hosting - Shared Hosting VS Reseller Hosting VS VPS Hosting VS Hybrid Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting - The Ultimate Comparison - HostNamaste
Types of Web Hosting – Shared Hosting VS Reseller Hosting VS VPS Hosting VS Hybrid Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting – The Ultimate Comparison – HostNamaste

If you want to know the primary factors that distinguish dedicated hosting from the other hosting types, we have covered the information you need.

The primary difference lies in the hosting capabilities of the servers. Dedicated hosts cater to a single client, providing dedicated resources, bandwidth, and storage space. Shared hosting servers provide a shared platform to multiple clients. Such platforms have poor safety protocols and limited bandwidth for individual members.

Virtual Servers (VPS) use virtualization technology to create virtual server machines with dedicated privacy. Although the clients share the main server, they can access resources without affecting each other’s performance.

A dedicated server is the most efficient hosting solution in the competitive market. It provides users with the freedom to customize their hosting preferences as they need. You may opt for dedicated hosting solutions if you seek complete control over your hosting server.

Hardware Specifications for Dedicated Servers

Here are the hardware specifications for dedicated hosting servers.


When it comes down to hardware preferences, the dedicated servers outclass the other types effectively. These servers use Error Correcting Code (ECC) RAM that offers more reliability and efficiency than other RAM types. The ECC RAM is expensive due to its enterprise-grade performance.

One of the core features of the ECC RAM is its specially-designed hardware that prevents data corruption and other related problems. It is a self-correction RAM to handle large data sets without disrupting the user experience.

Dedicated servers can accommodate large RAM capacities to handle databases. You can equip your dedicated server with up to 512GB RAM capacity if needed.

– Processing Unit

It goes without saying that the dedicated servers feature some of the most powerful processing chips. Manufacturers design and develop particular processors for dedicated servers that simultaneously handle large amounts of stored information. Many users opt for Intel’s Xeon processor series for their dedicated server machines.

The processing chips can have up to 40 cores to process large data sets stored throughout the day.

– Installation Differences

Dedicated servers also differ from the other types due to their installation preferences. Generally, enterprises install these servers in designated racks to provide ample space for cooling. Since the processor chips used in these server machines process large amounts of data, they can heat up.

Heated processor cores can slow down the processing speeds, leading to poor hosting capabilities. Creating optimal environments for server computers is vital to save them from heating up.

Moreover, the rack-mounted installation of dedicated server machines makes it easy to manage specific data sets while performing troubleshooting methods.

Who Uses Dedicated Servers?

Many people ask about the application of dedicated servers. We have mentioned the core areas where you can find dedicated servers.

– Public Access Websites

Dedicated servers are most common among public-access web entities. Such websites handle large amounts of information submitted by many audiences. Well-established Ecommerce websites also rely on dedicated machines to host their website. Large enterprises also prefer having a dedicated server instead of branching out to small sets of virtual or shared servers.

– Multi-Website Entities

Many corporate groups and public-access entities have multiple websites for different audience segments. Such groups opt for dedicated servers with high-end hardware specifications to handle large amounts of information. The top concern for most corporate entities is data safety. Other hosting servers fail to comply with such security protocols.

– Private Hosting Platforms

Since dedicated hosting servers are expensive, not every company can afford to buy and maintain them. While this is true, some organizations and private entities require robust hosting solutions to manage large amounts of confidential data. To facilitate such groups, private entities purchase dedicated servers to outsource customized hosting solutions fitting their needs.

– Database Centres

The most common application of dedicated servers is in database centers. Corporate and public entities collect vast amounts of data daily to process and store. Dedicated servers feature ECC RAM and multi-core processing chips to manage databases effectively. Moreover, the dedicated hardware also enhances the reading and writing capabilities of the dedicated servers.

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Costs of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the most expensive hosting solutions in the global market. Setting up these servers can cost you hardware, server room modifications, maintenance, and hosting fees. You may find a dedicated hosting service for $100 per month. However, the cost depends on your server machine’s specifications and features.

Dedicated machines cater to the specific needs of clients. You may analyze your website preferences before choosing a dedicated hosting service in your area.

The Takeaway

Finding the perfect hosting service for your company can be challenging. If you are unaware of how hosting solutions work, you may learn about the different types before deciding.

Dedicated servers are ideal for large enterprises, public entities, and private setups with high web-traffic rates. If you want to buy a dedicated hosting plan for your company, you can contact one of our hosting experts to guide you on different plans. As experts in the industry, we have assisted many organizations in setting up their dedicated hosting machines.

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