Advantages of Using Budget Dedicated Servers in 2023 – HostNamaste

Advantages of Using Budget Dedicated Servers in 2022 - HostNamaste
Advantages of Using Budget Dedicated Servers in 2022 – HostNamaste

Advantages of Using Budget Dedicated Servers

All businesses and processes have begun a transition to the digital landscape in the modern era.

However, new times bring forth new hurdles. While business entities had to compete for physical space in the past, today, online businesses have to compete for efficient web hosting services and optimal IT environments.

Today, we will learn about the benefits of using dedicated servers and how they improve your business enterprise.

What Are Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers provide business owners with a workload-optimal IT environment. Compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers are single-tenant servers that provide exclusive control of the hosting set-up. This means a single business entity is provided with an entire server, drastically improving latency, reliability, performance, security, and even scalability.

Companies that run their operations online require advanced hosting. Therefore, they rely on dedicated servers to enhance functional efficiency. There are typically three set-up options for these servers:

  1. Colocation Hosting: You will invest in a private server at a third-party data center and rent the rest of the equipment.
  2. On-Premise Hosting: Your IT staff will set up an in-house dedicated server, giving you complete control over the device. On-premise hosting requires a strong IT team and hefty maintenance costs to maintain network connectivity.
  3. Hosting Services Provider: The most popular choice among business owners is renting a server. Service providers offer budget-dedicated servers to business enterprises. While you control the network configuration and protocols, the service provider takes care of maintenance.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Companies use dedicated servers over public ones because of several advantages. Let’s break them down for a more comprehensive look at their benefits.

Faster Loading Speeds

A website running on a private server will load faster than one running in a shared hosting environment. Loading speed is a vital SEO metric used by Google to establish engine rankings. Therefore, a faster website will be pushed higher in the search results.

Websites on the first page of Google’s search results have a loading speed between 1.1 to 1.29 seconds. Your business can only compete by utilizing dedicated servers, which will drastically improve your website’s speed.

Moreover, loading speed plays an integral role in conversion rates. If you’re running a sales business, slower loading speeds will reduce web traffic. Slower traffic means fewer people will visit the website another time. According to rough estimates, about 40% of potential shoppers leave a website that does not load in less than 3 seconds.

Consequently, faster loading speed and response time are benefits of using dedicated servers. In fact, they will allow you to customize your website with animations, transitions, and dynamic themes without causing loading delays!

Reliable Uptime

In a shared hosting environment, website performance suddenly deteriorates when web traffic spikes. In such a case, the website will experience high bounce rates, loss of customers, and a reduction in revenue.

Bounce rate is another SEO metric that allows Google to measure the percentage of visitors who leave a webpage without taking action. In layman terms, someone bounces from your website is a customer loss.

One of the benefits of using dedicated servers is reliable uptime, meaning your website continues to function smoothly at all times. User traffic can convert without second-guessing if a website remains fast during peak traffic hours.

Dedicated servers simplify server customization, so business owners can make their websites more robust. Therefore, you can ensure that the user experience is never compromised, even when the server is processing large amounts of data.

Additionally, server hosting providers offer budget dedicated servers and top redundancy, so your business suffers neither high operation costs nor downtime!

Improved Security

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant vulnerabilities of online businesses. Cybercrime is the biggest menace in the digital landscape. Therefore, online companies tend to have high-security demands for setting up websites. Using dedicated servers caters to this essential requirement by eliminating several issues you might find in a shared hosting environment, such as:

  • Suffering malware attacks
  • Increased downtimes in the face of DDoS attacks
  • Suspicious server neighbor activity affecting your website

Custom-tailored security measures are one of the benefits of using dedicated servers, as they allow you to deploy additional solutions in addition to the security measures provided by the service provider. As a result, your IT staff can do the following:

  • Use antimalware programs in combination with the hosting service provider’s security measures.
  • Set up new firewalls or improve existing ones.
  • Set up an access hierarchy.
  • Use an intrusion detection system (IDS).

Using a service-providing company also provides robust physical security as your private server is kept safe at a different location from your place of business. High physical security and customizable cybersecurity make dedicated servers the go=to choice for business enterprises!

Dedicated Resources

Unlike in a shared hosting environment, dedicated servers don’t require you to share resources with other organizations and entities. As such, you have exclusive control over the server and all resources, such as CPU usage, disk space, RAM, and bandwidth.

Consequently, you can eliminate all risks of shared hosting by utilizing dedicated servers. Common issues due to sharing resources include:

  • Slow loading speed
  • Delayed response time
  • Network congestion
  • Frequent crashes during peak traffic hours
  • Increased downtime when a tenant runs a lousy script or during malware attacks on neighboring websites.

One of the benefits of using dedicated servers is that you don’t have to compete for resources. This leaves ample time to focus on improving the user experience and building brand image. Safe and fast websites build visitor trust and boost conversion rates, so consistency must always be your primary aim!


Dedicated servers are superior to shared servers because of numerous benefits, such as faster loading speeds, server customization, improved security, and dedicated resources. Online businesses rely on these servers for maximizing business growth and financial success.

You don’t need to rely on a robust IT team or invest in an in-house server solution. Contact a hosting service provider and invest in budget dedicated servers for all your business needs! We hope you’ve learned the benefits of using dedicated servers and how they might profit your enterprise!

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