5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Dedicated Servers in 2024

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Dedicated Servers - HostNamaste.com
5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Dedicated Servers – HostNamaste.com

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Dedicated Servers in 2024

You may have heard of dedicated server hosting as one of the best hosting solutions in the market for businesses. That said, they don’t come cheap. Dedicated server hosting plans are priced from $50 to over $100 a month. In contrast, a shared hosting package can set you back for as little as $2.75 per month.

But even at a steep price, Statista forecasted an upwards direction for the dedicated hosting sector’s global market value within a 10-year span. From $3.05 billion in 2010, its market value will grow by as much as $6.53 billion by the end of 2020.

Such bold prediction begs the question, “Why?” What exactly are the advantages of a dedicated server hosting? The following are some of the answers:

1) Get Your Own Server

The name itself implies that your site will be hosted on a server that is technically all yours. You don’t have to share resources with other clients, which means you enjoy a hosting performance that runs at high speeds. Resources such as RAM, drive space, CPU cores, and more are dedicated solely for your websites, apps, and online services.

On the contrary, shared hosting means you are sharing said resources with other companies. And when there are too many companies working with limited sources, your site might experience some issues such as lags, slow loading times, freezing, and other errors. And that is bad for your business.

Bear in mind that site performance and loading time both have a huge impact on your bottom line. According to an infographic on-site loading time by KISSmetrics, 47% of consumers expect pages to fully load within two seconds. Meanwhile, 40% said they would abandon the page if it failed to load in three seconds. Most people would wait 6-10 seconds before leaving the site.

2) Enjoy Tighter, Better Security 

When you shop around and do a dedicated server hosting comparison, almost every provider guarantee flexible yet top-notch security.  And that is certainly the case.  Hosting your site on a server that is solely yours greatly reduces security risks. Since you are not sharing the resources with other companies, you don’t get the unwanted attention their sites attract.

You don’t have to concern yourself about multiple points of data. Also, physical access to the hosting equipment is more controlled and strictly monitored as compared to shared hosting solutions and other configurations. Put simply, dedicated server hosting offers better security against the usual threats such as malware, viruses, hackers, malicious content, spam, and other forms of cyberattack.

3) Achieve Total Administrative Control and Root Access of Server

Even the cheapest dedicated server hosting packages will guarantee a wide range of administrative powers, something shared hosting solutions don’t normally give their clients. With a dedicated server hosting package, you have root access.

This means you can create and install custom configurations and utilize your preferred programs. You can implement your own security protocols to further boost your security. With so much versatility given to you, you can freely configure and deploy configurations to meet your unique requirements for RAM, software, CPU, and disc space.

And when you have to, you can upgrade your hosting plan as your business grows and new requirements and specifications come along.

4) Save Costs on Server Equipment

Setting up your own server infrastructure requires a massive amount of resources, money, and time. Such investment is a huge risk considering how fast hosting technology progresses in this age. On the other end of the spectrum, going for a dedicated hosting solution gives you full control and access to your server’s configurations and resources for a fraction of the price.

You don’t have to worry about the security, management, and maintenance of the hosting facility as your solutions provider will take care of that. On top of that, data centers have redundant power sources to keep the hosting facility operational if and when local power grids fail. 

Such a setup gives you great value for your money, thus increasing the return of your investment.

5) Have Your Own IP Address

A dedicated server comes with a unique IP address and this is quite monumental. Having a unique IP address decreases the possibility of web outage.

Thousands of websites are crammed into a single server, sharing the same IP address. That means all sites are fighting for resources and space. Sites that have high traffic volume will either consume a significant amount of resources, adversely affecting the performance of other sites. Or, there are not enough resources available, causing their sites to slow down tremendously.

Another advantage of having a unique IP address is that your site is not affected by the action of other sites. In a shared IP address setting, if one of those websites is blocked/blacklisted for whatever reason, all sites on that server are blocked and/or blacklisted as well. This doesn’t happen with sites operating with its own unique IP address.

Decide if Dedicated Server Hosting is Right for You

Dedicated server hosting has its advantages. That said, you have to decide if it’s really the right hosting platform for your business.

Most companies that go for dedicated server hosting are medium to large businesses that deal with large online traffic. If you are a solo entrepreneur or a small business that has recently started, then you are better off with a shared hosting package. Therefore, determining what suits your needs best is crucial.

Budget, security, and management are other factors that come into play when looking for a hosting solution. At the end of the day, it is you who have to make the decision. If you are running a medium to large enterprise or starting a second business that caters to a large client base and handles loads of sensitive information, then a dedicated server hosting solutions should be a priority.

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