6 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Servers for your Website – HostNamaste.com

6 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Servers for your Website – HostNamaste.com
6 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Servers for your Website – HostNamaste.com

6 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Servers for your Website – HostNamaste.com

When starting out, most website owners settle for a simple shared hosting package; but, as your website grows in popularity, this may no longer be a feasible choice. If the volume of visitors to your website has grown, then it might be best to reevaluate upgrading.

When you choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting package, your website will have its own operating system, bandwidth, and disc space. Shared hosting packages, in comparison, share resources with a large number of other customers. When you use Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, you can offer a better efficient service to your users, which is critical when your site begins to expand in popularity.

You may still share the same physical server as other users even if you have a VPS plan with them. Each VPS account, on the other hand, is essentially partitioned. Unlike physical servers, virtual servers have their own operating systems and resources that are devoted to a single website. This often leads to a better degree of performance as well as more security.

Windows or Linux, depending on your hosting solution, will be the operating system running on your server, influencing which applications you can deploy, how long essential tasks will take, and even how well your server operates. Because they offer an exceptionally high degree of technical assistance and security, Windows-based packages are among the most popular choices.

In this blog post, we will go over some of the most compelling reasons for switching to a Windows-based Virtual Private Server hosting plan. Let’s get this article started!

1) Cost-effectiveness and Affordable

Windows hosting servers are much more expensive than Linux hosting servers, which is the most apparent difference between the two. When planning your hosting budget, it is usually a good idea to include in the cost of Microsoft products service charges. In contrast, the sheer complexity of Linux encourages users to create a wide range of plugins and tools to improve the operating system as a whole. As your website continues to expand in popularity, budgeting will probably become more difficult. Making an investment of time and resources in shared hosting once your website has exceeded it may be a bad investment in the long run. A dedicated server for a website that does not need one, on the other hand, is not something you would want to spend too much money on. VPS Hosting is an excellent middle-of-the-road solution for websites that are starting to grow in popularity.

2) Familiar Graphic Interface

Windows is now used by over 77 percent of all desktops and laptops on the market. A familiar graphical interface would be more than pleasant for many of you before you even start operating a server, and this will be especially true for beginners. For individuals who are not comfortable dealing with a command-line interface, there is a significant benefit to having this feature. As you are aware, the Windows operating system is an easy-to-use platform; thus, the VPS platform is likewise intended to be straightforward. A user interface is included, which allows individuals with next to no prior knowledge of web hosting to get up and running quickly and without any difficulty. Any company owner may learn how to utilize a Windows-based Virtual Private Server. Because you are already acquainted with the operating system, you will feel at ease when using it. Other virtual private server hosting systems often need the usage of a separate piece of software known as cPanel to give them a proper graphical interface. You will not, however, perceive the need for cPanel since Windows offers an excellent graphical user interface. However, If you wants to have the control panel on Windows Server, there are Free Windows Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels you can use.

3) Enhanced Security

Security Concerns of Virtual Servers - HostNamaste
Security Concerns of Virtual Servers – HostNamaste

Security is critical for websites since they are constantly exposed to assaults and invasions. Security is another critical factor to consider when selecting an operating system. Due to Windows’ exclusive nature, the number of threats directed at it is constantly increasing, and hackers are not afraid to attack Windows-based systems. Additionally, many errors may occur on your website, resulting in a loss of your database. Without a question, a VPS offers a lower risk of data theft than a shared server. However, issues may occur in any location. Thus, to effectively address and avoid these circumstances Windows Virtual Private Servers provide a range of security services. This contains firewalls that allow only specific types of data to be sent; frequent remote backups are often performed on a Windows VPS. Since a result, you do not need to be concerned about the security of your website, since it’s in excellent hands.

4) Business Expansion

Over the last decade, a significant portion of the business has moved online. If your website is necessary to be up and running at peak performance 100% of the time, you cannot manage to have a hosting package that may fail to provide. Windows VPS is a Microsoft service, meaning it will operate seamlessly with other Microsoft products often used by businesses, such as Microsoft Office, that consists of applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Many businesses operate only in a Windows system and supplement their productivity with various additional Microsoft products. As a result, by utilizing this type of VPS, you can rapidly adjust to this setting.

5) Easier and Convenient Updates

Additionally, the procedure of installing updates is simplified using Linux. Windows VPS is indeed the product of years of research and development that has resulted in the least difficult framework, as well as the finest customer support, all of which are intended to assist you in making use of the full potential of VPS. Using this feature, you may update programs and make major modifications to the operating system’s settings without having to restart the computer. After big upgrades, Windows is significantly more likely to need a restart, which is not ideal when you’re attempting to host a website and reduce downtimes to a bare minimum.

6) Effortless Backups

The usage of a Windows VPS for backup reasons is yet another extremely frequent and prominent use. In the case of a system breakdown or other comparable problems, it is extremely critical to have offline backups of critical data. When you use a Windows VPS, you can store an evaluation of superfluous copies of numerous backups in a bunch of alternative physical global locations. This makes it a lot more convenient to restore information and folders in the event of an accident, and it also delivers you with an increased sense of security, which is invaluable, in case there is ever an emergency.

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