VPS vs. Dedicated Server – Which Is Right for You and Your Business?

VPS vs. Dedicated Server - Which Is Right for You and Your Business - HostNamaste
VPS vs. Dedicated Server – Which Is Right for You and Your Business – HostNamaste.com

VPS vs. Dedicated Server – Which Is Right for You and Your Business?

It seems to be a never-ending question which visitors can’t help asking; what’s the difference between a Virtual Private Server and a Dedicated Server?

To end this age-old façade, we have finally decided to put this question to rest. This article will solely be focused on differentiating VPS and Dedicated Servers.

So it will be easier for the users to easily decipher on their own which one of these servers would be more suitable for their websites and businesses.

But before we start distinguishing the servers from one another, let’s talk about what VPS and Dedicated servers are and how do they work, for instance.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Picture this-you are studying in a university and in a dire need of a place to stay on campus. The university is providing you a dorm in which you can keep all your belongings and you are allotted a room to stay.

The catch here is that the dorm is not solely dedicated to you but to lots of other students as well. However, what does belong to you is the room and only you have access to it.

A Virtual Private Server is pretty much similar to the dorm. When you host your website on a VPS, you are granted with independent resources, as the VPS is perceived for being a separate server.

You are offered complete isolation since the virtual private server is split between different hosting accounts.

You can still enjoy the benefits of a private server and can have access to your very own control panel.

How does it work

You can put it this way; a VPS is a server that is working within a server. A single server which is capable of hosting other virtual servers on it. All of these virtual servers are different from one another and can never intersect each other.

Many people believe that each Virtual Private Server is allotted separately to all users; however, it’s a myth. The virtualization works only when each VPS optimizes it’s own Operating System.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server, on the other hand, is not the dorm. It’s a whole another apartment that you rent close by the campus so you wouldn’t have to share the facilities with other students.

A dedicated server allows you to have your very own server in which you have complete possession to the disk space, the CPU/core, RAM, etc. It is dedicated to your personal or business requirements and no other user is allowed to host his website on it or acquire the facilities which are allotted to you only.

How does it work

When you lease a dedicated server for your website or application, you customize the entire configuration according to your needs. You can set your resource limits and you don’t share them with other users. Just choose your Operating system, configure your disk space, your RAM, choose storage options from SSD, SATA, and SAS drives and you’re good to go!

VPS or Dedicated Server – The Package that Costs more

Of course, money plays the most important role in our lives. More often than not, we let it overrule our decisions. After all, aren’t we prone to go for a comparatively cheaper product?

As I’m sure you’d be aware, that choosing an overly cheap product has a tendency to backfire on you. Believe me; I’m as giddy over discounts as the next person is. And yet, one must not care much about the money and should go for products and services which suit their requirements the best.

Of course, the Virtual Private Servers are way cheaper than Dedicated ones.

But on the other hand, a VPS isn’t an independent server. Dedicated servers are comparatively expensive, but they are flexible and custom-configured to your business requirements.

How to Determine which Server Hosting Solution would be Perfect for your Business

The whole process of determining your hosting solutions rely entirely on your website. No matter which hosting package you opt for, it should make perfect sense with your website. The whole point of hosting is to make enhance the performance of the site.

If your business is small or medium in size, chances are a VPS Hosting would be sufficient for it to function properly. Dedicated Servers are better suited for larger websites with a massive amount of visitors daily.

The number of visitors on your website determines your hosting package.

Finally, the million-dollar question; should I go for a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server?

As I already stated, the size of your website will help you decide whether you should go for a VPS or Dedicated server.

For instance, a VPS plan would be preferable if your daily page loads don’t exceed 30,000-60,000 visitors even with the highest CPU/core usage. If there is massive engagement on your website, then the server wouldn’t be able to bear the load and would become sluggish.

A dedicated server, on the other hand, can easily handle an unlimited number of visitors on your website with the utmost ease. It’s made for optimizing on a large scale for large businesses.


Both Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers are superior in their unique ways. Once you’ve narrowed down your CPU/core usage and how much RAM you want along with the storage disk space, it should help you reach a conclusion. The more resources, the faster your speed.

Dedicated Servers are, in no doubt, far stronger than Virtual Private servers. A VPS can only offer limited space, CPU usage, and RAM. If your website is thriving with the limited resources provided to you, then there’s no need to switch your hosting plan.

If however, your website has massive page loads, behaves sluggishly, and you are not satisfied with the speed and storage provided as well, then a Dedicated server would be suggested for you.

It’s your very own independent server that you rent for a specified amount of time with unlimited resources at your peril. Hence the speed and performance of your site will never be scarce or lack in any way.

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